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Cam McHarg
Cam McHarg


Cam McHarg's official blog.

This blog will cover news and what's going on with me, as well as occasional writing about things that interest me, and that I feel strongly about.

Thanks for checking it out and being a part of it.


My first short film will be screening with Nash Edgerton's "Spider" in France.

Design by Chris Becker

My first short film, Kicking Sand in Your Face is getting a little second wind by being chosen to screen alongside one of my favorite filmmakers who also writes, directs, acts in his own work - Nash Edgerton. I admire his work, and I think we have very similar sensibilities. I'm honored to be a part of this, and I thank Yip Jump Films for this opportunity.

The more people who I can share my work with, the happier I am.

Spider will be Nash's film shown with mine along with a handful of very talented filmmakers who have made films with similar darkly comic themes to be shown this May 25th in France.

Here is the trailer for the screening.

The version of Kicking Sand in Your Face at the screening will have French subtitles,  you can watch this full version here if you'd like.