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Happy 2012… learn to swim!           ;)

"I’ve given up on the whole human species. I think a big, good-sized comet is exactly what this species needs. You know, the poor dinosaurs were walking around eating leaves, and they were completely wiped out. Let the insects have a go. You know, I don’t think they’ll come up with sneakers with lights in them, or DustBusters, or Salad Shooters, or snot candy. Having a big Arizona-sized comet smash somewhere in the Pacific Ocean would be terrible, and it would be wonderful. Just to see it all, you know. I only wish there were some way I could live out on the moon and watch it all on CNN. And just see the whole thing happen, see the big splash. Or have it hit, land and this big cloud erupt. That would be fun to see. But, you know, life is dual. If you’ll scratch a cynic, you’ll find a disappointed idealist. And the fire never goes out completely. And that part of me that made my mother say “You have a lovely nature” is very true."

-George Carlin

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