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Nostalgia Lane

Just for fun, I put some old stuff on my iPod that I used to listen to between the ages of about 10-18 years old and went to the gym.
I literally can hardly even remember being there.
It was like being immersed in some kind of nostalgia movie.

Memories like these filled my mind:

-Practicing with my nunchucks Bruce Lee/Dirk Diggler style and bruising the sh*t out of my elbows, knees, and the back of my head in the process.

-Spending entire afternoons everyday practicing BMX racing starts and sprints on my beloved Skyway T/A bike and my 80’s checkered pads.

-Having breakdance break-offs on cardboard in between races at the BMX track in the summer while someone’s Boom box blasted something from Beat Street.

-Being mortified when I saw my former babysitter (just a few years older than me) making out with some dude with feather hair, painter pants, and a Journey concert jersey in some park.

-Later memories of huge bonfire parties in the woods with endless cases of beer and/or drinking cheap beer in church parking lots and keeping the local police employed.

-Bootlegging beer from some local dipshit named “Rosebud” (he didn’t even ask for money to do it, and we would fight over who had to sit next to this guy in the car).

-Driving my old Pontiac LeMans with my buddies through the country in the summer with the windows down and music blasting on the way to go bridge jumping in local river.

-Making a feeble and probably failed attempt to impress the ladies by jumping off one of these said bridges in the complete dark of night. (I have no idea how I escaped ending up like Stephen Hawking or even getting killed.)

It was a fun trip.