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When you finish a script, it ain't finished...

I’ve finished my first feature length script called “Sitiado” about a month ago now.

I was excited and impatient about getting it out there, and I started firing it off to some friends (some of which are in the business) right away to get their two cents, etc. I even registered it to protect it right away, but here’s the problem… it ain’t finished.

As it turns out, I thought my script was finished about 6x’s now, and I think only now is it in it’s very final revision.

I’ve resent it to several people over this time, and have probably looked a little crazy in the process.

I kind of wish that I hadn’t sent it to anyone yet, but at least it’s only gotten out to a small handful of people so far.

It’s not that it was bad, but it has certainly been improved.image

I should (finally) really and truly be rock solid done after all of these rewrites and revisions this week, but the think that I’ve learned the hard way, and hopefully without blowing any traction on it is that just because you might type “The End” doesn’t mean the script is even close to being done.

No real harm done, but lesson learned.

The End.