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Why do I have ten fingers?

I remember going to the Indian Reservation as a kid and buying a pile of huge mortars, bottle rockets, and M-80’s around this time of year.

If you asked for under the counter stuff, you could literally get something the size of a bowling ball with a fuse sticking out of it for like $50. You actually had to smuggle it out of “the rez” or the cops would confiscate it. (I’m not sure if even they can still pull that kind of stuff off after 9/11.)

My buddies and I would then take this massive arsenal and have an all out firecracker war out in the woods all afternoon.

I really don’t know how I made it out of my youth in one piece.

I’m not sure if you can even score a sparkler for the 4th here in LA.

I’m not saying that’s not smart, but it’s not nearly as fun.