Cam McHarg
Cam McHarg


Short films written and directed by Cam McHarg, include Deer Seasonthe end, Kicking Sand in Your Face and chester.

Cam has written a feature film (Sitiado) which is crime/road/motorcycle movie set in 1971 Mexico that is currently on hold while he finishes writing a semi-autobiographical coming of age drama/thriller (Monroe Log) set in 1990 in the Pacific Northwest.

Look for news about this on Cam's blog on this site.

Starring Jim McCaffree (SICK) and Tristan Lake Leabu (Superman Returns)

A Monsters Collective film by Cameron McHarg.

The Monsters Collective is a group of over a dozen international directors who decided to each make a short film with the only rules being that it must not exceed five minutes, and it must somehow include the word, idea, or theme "Monster". Thus, "chester".

The Monsters Collective bundled together what they felt was their best group of shorts, and premiered them as a program this year at the 2012 GENRE III Film Festival in Paris. 'chester" was among that group of shorts.

A French subtitled version is also available here.
chester (avec les sous-titres Français).